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Ramen Bowl with Collagen Peptides

Ramen Bowl with Collagen Peptides


Introducing our Ramen bowl, with collagen peptides.

Dogs with joint pain or arthritis conditions such as osteoarthritis benefit greatly from a quality collagen peptide product. Our Ramen bowl also includes shark cartilage powder and psyllium husk, which gives this mix an added extra boost for joints and gut health. 


Health Benefits

  • Collagen supports healthy digestion because it's used to build the lining in your dog's stomach and intestines
  • Decreased Joint Pain

  • Digestive Support

  • Promotion of healthy Coat, and Nails


Ingredients: Shark cartilage powder, collagen peptides, psyllium husk, prawns, beef liver, and lamb lung. 


Any allergies? Let us know and we can use different ingredients. 

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